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Creating a Surveyor Flow

Surveyor workflows differ from SMS or voice workflows in that they're intended for use within the Nyaruka Surveyor Android applications in environments where internet and cellular connections are weak, if not non-existent. Messages submitted are answered immediately, and flow runs (flow results) are saved until you're able to upload them to your account via an internet connection. Note that Surveyor flows are started via the Surveyor Android apps.

Creating the Flow

To create a flow, navigate to the "Flows" tab and click the "Create Flow" button:

The "Create Flow" dialogue will appear, where you can:

Give the flow a name

Assign it keyword triggers

Specify how long inactive contacts will remain in the flow before being removed

Select the Android phone flow type

Set the language in which you'll edit the flow

Once you've assigned your flow the proper attributes click the "Create" button to enter the flow editor.

Contact Creation

(accessed via the "Edit" option in the settings menu in the flow editor)

By Run

By default, a new Surveyor flow will create a new contact for each run completed. You can use the Update Contact action to save each of the responses submitted to that contact's profile. The intended use case is to allow enumerators, project managers and M&E officers to collect information about a person, place or event and save the results as a contact. In the example Surveyor flow pictured below, the resulting contact will be the medical facility the enumerator is collecting information about:

By Login

 Alternatively, Surveyor flows can be run just like SMS flows by contacts who've downloaded the Surveyor app. Like a Twitter or Telegram channel, this provides a free communication channel for your contacts. To use Surveyor in this way, you must unlock account roles and assign Surveyor privileges to the email addresses of the contact who will be using Surveyor in this way. Then, simply toggle the flow to create a contact for each login. Each contact with a Surveyor role will then be able to download and run the flow by logging-in with their email address and password.

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Updated on: 13/12/2021

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