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Creating a Trigger to Start a Flow After a Missed Call on an Android Phone Channel

What happens when you miss a call on your Android Phone channel? We offer a time-saving and convenient option to create a trigger to start a flow after a missed call. This means that even when you aren't able to pick up the phone, you won't lose out on valuable communication with your contacts. 

Note that if you're using IVR with a different voice-enabled channel like Twilio, "missed calls" don't really exist, but you can start a voice or text flow from an incoming call trigger. In the case of starting a text flow, we hang up the call and start the contact in the Messaging flow.

To create this trigger, navigate to the "Triggers" tab in the upper righthand corner:

Then, click the "New Trigger" button to the left of the page:

Next, scroll down to select, "Start a flow after a missed call on an Android Phone channel"

Choose the flow you'd like to start. In the example below, we've chosen a flow designed specifically for handling missed calls. This hypothetical flow includes a message letting our contacts know that we will be in touch and offers an email address where they can reach us. 

Finally, click "New Trigger" to go live. 

Learn more about trigger options here.

Updated on: 18/10/2022

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