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Introduction to Twitter Channels

In addition to voice and SMS, we allow you to apply our unique workflow engine to Twitter direct message interactions. Twitter workflows are useful for greeting new followers or polling pre-existing ones. Moreover, they allow you to engage constituents or clients who are active on a platform that serves 320 million monthly active users, 80% of which access the platform via a mobile phone. UNICEF's U-Report program, for example, utilizes Twitter workflows to disseminate polls among youth in various countries with great success.

How It Works - Managing your Followers

The platform allows you to connect your Twitter account, which then constitutes a channel. Once connected, anyone who direct messages your Twitter account will appear as a contact within your account, and may interact with any of your SMS workflows in this manner. We provide a default field that stores your contact's twitter handles:

Any incoming direct messages will be automatically stored, and you'll be able to send direct messages to contacts using their twitter handle so long as their account is enabled to receive direct messages from anyone. For example, if a follower sends you a direct message containing a keyword trigger you've assigned to one of your flows, they'll receive a response just as they would via SMS.

Note that you cannot make first contact by sending out messages or flows to a person who is not following you. Twitter does not allow this. 

Give it a Try

See what it's like to interact with a Twitter workflow triggered by a follow by following us on Twitter and sending us the message "demo". As always, make sure to follow Twitter's rules and best practices

Updated on: 13/12/2021

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