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Our instant-deploy Android Relayer and various telephony integrations enable research organizations ranging from private sector market research firms to academic institutions to understand the attitudes and behaviors of people from varying socio-economic backgrounds and difficult to reach locations. Market research firms can use the platform for quick SMS or IVR surveys to collect overnight ratings. On the other hand, academic institutions can administer large baseline and endline surveys and compliment that research with longitudinal data collections using a campaign. Regardless of the institution, length of the study, or the mode of collection, the data collected is visualized within our platform in real time, eliminating the burden of data entry and reducing the time needed for data analysis. Our intuitive platform enables researchers to build their own surveys and immediately send them to the mobile phones of study participants through SMS, voice and even Twitter.

Participant responses are received in real time through our online dashboard, allowing study teams to immediately monitor study patterns and trends. Results can also be downloaded for analysis in other statistical software such as SAS, Stata, or SPSS. Surveys can be sent at no cost to the participant and our team can work with carriers to allow researchers to provide participants with an airtime incentive that is automatically loaded to their phone once they begin and/or complete a survey. Participant phone numbers can  be de-identified to ensure anonymity and data is stored on our highly secure servers, accessible only to those with permission.

Use Cases

Assess patient outcomes, including treatment adherence and care referral chains, by following up with patients through their mobile device.

Assess the feasibility, acceptability and quality of different programs and services.

Reduce recall and social desirability bias by posing sensitive questions that through text messages that participants may be apprehensive to answer face to face.

Mobile phones are now ubiquitous across each continent, making SMS and voice quick and convenient channels for accessing diverse populations.

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Updated on: 30/11/2021

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