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Adding or Removing Contacts in a Group

From the Contact's Information Page

If you want to edit an individual contact's group memberships by either adding or removing them, simply visit their contact information page and click the dropdown menu at the top right and select 'Edit':

In the pop up, you can then select new groups for the contact or remove groups. Afterwards, their group memberships will appear on their page.

Using a Flow

You can attach an Add Contact to a Group or Remove Contact from a Group action to a node to move multiple contacts between groups instantly.

In the example below, we're using a Split by Contact Field action to direct contacts who reside in Nigeria's northern states to an Add to Groups node that places them in the "Northern States" group. 

As seen in the flow:

We achieve this my splitting our contacts on the "State" contact field. The has any of these words response rule allows us to create a rule that places any contacts whose "State" field contains any of the words "Adamawa", "Bauchi", "Benue", etc. in the "Northern States" category, which leads to the Add to Groups action above.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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