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Why Didn't My Message Send?

Occasionally, a message will not send properly or will not be received by a contact. When this happens, you can track down the exact error by checking the message log. 

View these logs on the platform by clicking on the document icon in red to the right of the message in the contact's history. 

In the log, you can see whether the message was sent by TextIt and passed to the aggregator, carrier, or social media channel up at the top. You can also see if the provider called back to report if the message was sent and delivered.  

Failed Messages


In the message log above we can see the following:

The recipient of the message.

The direction of the message.

The date and time the message was sent.

The status the message. In this example, it shows that Twilio returned the message as 'Error'.

Last, in the box at the bottom, we can see that Twilio, the channel on which we sent the message, called back to TextIt saying that the message failed to be delivered to the contact and the error code we can look up.

If your message is shown as sent by TextIt but was not actually received by the contact, there is most likely an error occurring on the side of the aggregator, carrier, or social media app. Contact them with the logs you've viewed on TextIt to help them track down the problem. 

Common Errors

Other common causes of failed messages are improper telephone number configuration, such as not including a country code, or if the phone number turns out to be a landline. Note that for Twilio channels, the most common error is attempting to use a trial number rather than a purchased number. See a complete list of Twilio error codes here

You can also view failed messages by going to the 'failed' folder within the 'Messages' tab:

Clicking the document icon to the right of the messages in the failed folder will either take you to the channel error description or the profile of the contact to which the message was sent, depending on the status of the channel you used to communicate with them. Please include a link to the error or contact profile when requesting further support. 

Want to see more about troubleshooting delivery errors? Check out this article for more information.

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Updated on: 31/05/2023

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