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Contact Message History

In addition to seeing when a contact has started and completed a flow and campaign events, when a contact is interrupted or expired in a flow, all the messages received from and sent to a contact, and upcoming events, we've updated the contact message history page to include more detailed information including the following:

contact_language_changed: the primary language of the contact has been changed.

contact_field_changed: the value for a contact field was updated. 

contact_groups_changed: a contact's group memberships was changed. The contact was added or removed from a group. 

contact_name_changed: a contact's name was updated. 

contact_urns_changed: a new URN for a contact was added.

email_created: an email was sent to the contact from a flow. 

input_labels_added: a label was applied to a contact's message.

run_result_changed: a new run result was saved for a contact. 

These new records will give you a more complete picture of a contact's movements in your account. Note that these events will disappear from the contact's history after 1 week. Learn more about managing your contacts here

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Updated on: 16/05/2023

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