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Opening a Ticket from the Contact Page

TextIt makes it easy to escalate contacts from automated flows to one-on-one communication with human agents without ever leaving your workspace via tickets.

You can now open a ticket directly with a contact without first entering a flow. Here's how:

Head to the Contacts tab on the left-hand side:

Then select the intended contact. On the right hand side, click the menu icon ☰. Select 'Open Ticket' from the drop-down.

The Open Ticket window will appear. Fill in the fields:

Select a topic or category for the ticket.
Add any information you want your agents to see while interacting with the contact.
Select the agent you would like to handle the contact's tickets. To learn more about adding agents to your workspace visit this article.

Click "Open" and the ticket will be ready for the agent to begin chatting with the contact.

That's it! Any questions? Reach out to us via the support widget or

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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