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Adding a TextIt Ticketing Service

TextIt makes it easy to escalate contacts from automated flows with human agents, which means your team can assign, respond to, and close tickets, all without ever leaving your workspace. You can quickly see tickets that need your attention or tickets that have yet to be assigned in the unassigned folder.

Adding agents

Let's start by adding agents to handle the ticket. First, go to your workspace settings page by clicking on your name at the top right. Scroll down to find on the multi-login section, and click the 'Manage Logins' button. On this page you can invite your agents by entering their email address and assign the role of "agent" from the drop-down menu.

Opening a ticket in a flow

You can start a ticket at any point in your flow using the 'open a ticket with a human agent' action from the drop-down.

Pick a topic or category. To create a new topic or category, simply type the name in the bar and it will create automatically.
Assign an agent to the ticket. See the section above on how to add new agents to your workspace.
Add any information you want your agents to see while interacting with the contact. You can reference any result from the flow using @results.

Viewing and handling tickets

Click the ‘tickets’ tab in your workspace to view all tickets. The all folder is for all tickets while the unassigned folder is for tickets that are yet to be assigned.
Once you choose a folder, toggle open or closed using the drop-down menu to view resolved or unresolved tickets.

Opening and closing tickets

Once the ticket has been resolved, you can mark the tickets as resolved by clicking the checkmark on the open ticket.

If you need to reopen a ticket, all closed tickets have a button to reopen them at the bottom of the conversation.

Contact details

All featured fields for contacts are visible from the contact’s details pane, along with any information entered from the flow. To open the pane, click on the small square icon on the right of the conversation.

Assigning tickets to teammates

Aside from assigning tickets from the flow, you can always assign tickets directly from the Tickets tab. Right under the details icon, you will see the icon to assign.

Starting a flow after a ticket is closed

It is essential to follow up with your contacts once an agent has resolved an open ticket. You can start the contact in a flow immediately after closing a ticket. Navigate to the "Triggers" tab then scroll down to find start a flow after a ticket is closed and choose your flow.

Open Tickets Smart Group

Need to know exactly which contacts have unresolved tickets? No problem! We've made it easy by creating a default Smart Group that can be found in your Contacts tab.

Learn more about this feature and how you can use the Open Tickets group for inclusion or exclusion on Triggers here.

Questions? Send us a message via the support widget in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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