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Placing Contacts in the 'Stopped' Folder

Depending on the channel type, such as Twilio, a contact will automatically be placed in the 'Stopped' folder in the 'Contacts' tab if they've opted-out of receiving your messages. These contacts are removed from all groups.

If the channel does not already have opt-out keywords, you can build your own opt-out language into your flows, which is considered a best practice.

You can use the 'Update the Contact' action in your flow to change the contact's status from 'active' to 'stopped' or 'blocked'.

In the example below, the contact has opted out of receiving a newsletter:

If they respond with NO, we will update their status from 'active' to 'stopped':

Unlike blocking a contact, stopped contacts can send you incoming messages to opt back in.

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Updated on: 09/06/2023

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