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Fixing Missing Dependencies

In some cases, you might find that a flow depends on something that no longer exists. When this happens, you will see the action title in red (as seen above) to let you know that a flow issue is present. For example, you might be looking at a flow that references a contact field by using an expression like @fields.age. However, at some point you may have deleted the contact field for Age. 

When this happens, your flow will continue to run, however it might lead to unexpected results. In some cases, such as updating a contact field for a missing field, nothing will happen (other than the field will not be set). 

In other cases, it might be more noticeable. Perhaps you created a Send Message action that looked like the following example. In this case, it may cause some confusion as the value for @fields.volunteer_id would be left out.

After creating a node with a messing dependency, you'll see that the node itself turns red. If you click on the node to edit, you'll see a notification that says 'Cannot find a field for @fields.whatever_field_name

You will also see a new red tab appear to the right of the editor called 'Flow Issues'.

Click on the Flow Issues tab to get a full list of all the missing dependencies and click on each to be taken to the exact node in your flow.

Contact fields are not the only things that can go missing and result in a missing dependency error. You may see this with a contact group that has been deleted, a channel that no longer exists, or a variety of other things your flow may reference.

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Updated on: 03/08/2023

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