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Sending Airtime with DT One

The action Send Airtime enables you to transfer airtime to prepaid phones on over 550 mobile operators across 160 countries through one single API connection with DT One, formerly TransferTo. See how to create your DT Shop account at the end of this article.

Enabling Airtime Transfer

After setting up your account with DT One, navigate to your TextIt account page and scroll down to the DT One integration section:

Here, enter your DT One login and API token, found on the Developer page in your DT One account

Using the 'Send Airtime' Action in a Flow

First, create a new node and choose 'Send Airtime' from the dropdown menu of actions:

Next, select the currency, amount to send, and name the result to be able to reference it later. 

The editor will automatically look up the available currencies that can send to your contact's phone number through DT One. The platform will pick the biggest amount less than or equal to what is requested in the flow.

The 'Send Action' node you've created will have two connections, 'Success' and 'Failure':

If the transfer was successful, the contact will pass through 'Success' and you may choose to send a confirmation message. If the transfer experiences an error, the contact will pass through 'Failure'. If this happens, you could use actions such as sending the contact a message, adding a label, adding the contact to a group, sending yourself or a team member an email, and more

In our example, we've chosen to send the contact a confirmation message when the transfer is successful and an email to the team leader when a failure occurs:

In our email to the team leader, we've included the contact's telephone number. You can include saved variables and flow results collected in the flow up to this point to reference your contact's information. See how to use those variables here.

That's it! Contacts who pass through this node in a flow will receive the amount specified by your Send Airtime action.

Viewing your Transfer Logs

We provide a log of your transfers so you can review completed attempts and troubleshoot failures. To access these logs, navigate to your account page and scroll down to the DT One section, then click the 'Transfer Log' button:

Creating a DT One Account

If you do not already have an account with DT One, you will need to open one on their new DT Shop page. DT One has updated their interface to now allow users to create their own account.

On the Sign Up page, you'll be prompted to fill in your information:

Once you've filled out the required boxes, you'll be sent a verification email, and that's it! You're signed up to use DT One.

See DT One's developer page for more information on their API documentation.

Questions? Send us a message via the support widget in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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