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Using the 'Last Seen On' Contact Field

Using the 'Last Seen On' field in a campaign or a contact search is helpful in identifying contacts who've last communicated with you relative to a date.

You can use this field to find contacts who've been unresponsive or dormant and reach out to them or delete them from your database.

Searching with 'Last Seen On'

Using a query with last_seen_on, you can search for contacts who were last seen relative to a specific date.

You can use the following operators to perform a search on all contacts present in your account:

last_seen_on = "date" to search for an exact date

last_seen_on > "date" to search for all contacts seen after a date

last_seen_on < "date" to search for all contacts seen before a date

last_seen_on >= "date" AND last_seen_on <= "date" to search for contacts last seen between two dates

last_seen_on != "date" for contacts not last seen on an exact date

last_seen_on = "date" OR last_seen_on = "date" for contacts last seen on multiple specific dates

With the resulting contacts, you can create a new group. In the example below, we searched for contacts who were last seen before a specific date.

We'll click Create smart group to create a new group with just these contacts:

Last, we'll name the group. Here, we've identified contacts who haven't interacted with us in several months, so we'll name the group "Dormant":

If we'd like, we can send that group a reminder message or even delete them entirely.

Using 'Last Seen On' in a Campaign

What if we wanted to follow up with contacts who haven't interacted with us recently? We could do this from within a campaign without having to search for contacts or creating a smart group. Here's how:

In the example above, we've created a campaign event that will send a message to all contacts 90 days after the 'Last Seen On' field, which is the date they last interacted with us.

Sending a message or flow to contacts who've been dormant is helpful in reminding them to follow up with you or to weed out contacts who can be deleted.

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Updated on: 08/06/2023

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