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Add a Facebook Page to Create a Messenger Channel

Facebook has updated their integration policies, so you can now easily connect a Facebook page to create a Messenger channel in just moments.

If you've already integrated a bot under Facebook's old policies, then you do not need to take any further action. Your channel will continue to work as always.

Add a Page

Go to your Workspace Settings page and click the 'New Channel' button.

Scroll down to the Facebook Messenger section.

Here, review the directions and then click the 'Add Facebook Page' button.

Log in to your Facebook account and then choose the page you'd like to add. Then, you'll be asked which permissions you'd like to allow.

That's it! You'll automatically be taken to your new channel's page where you can view your channel log.

You can now create a trigger that will refer a contact when a new conversation is started on Messenger.

Facebook Topics

Note that Facebook has updated their API to require that all messages sent to a contact after 24 hours have an appropriate 'tag', or what we call a '[topic](/en/article/adding-a-topic-to-your-facebook-messenger-flow-1dh8bm0/)'.

Message tags allow you to send important and relevant 1:1 updates to contacts outside the standard messaging window of 24 hours after a contact's last message. You will need to add a topic to your Messenger flows to ensure your flow sends if outside of the 24 hour window.

Reconnecting Your Page

If there is a problem with your integration, you do not need to remove the channel. You can simply click the 'Reconnect' button found within the channel page in your Workspace Settings to refresh the authentication token.

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Updated on: 11/07/2023

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