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Forwarding Calls in Voice (IVR) Flows

Use the 'Wait for Forwarded Call' Split Action in an IVR flow to forward calls to another phone number. Here's how it works:

In our example, we're asking contacts if they'd like to speak to a live agent or leave a message. If they choose to speak to a representative, the flow will forward their call on to another phone number of our choice.

The 'Wait for Forwarded Call' Split Action will have 4 possible exits:

Answered - The call was successfully answered by the agent

No Answer - The call was not picked up and the call disconnected

Busy - The line was busy and the call disconnected

Failed - The call failed

Depending on how the forwarded call is handled, you can create different actions to support your contact after the forwarded call is complete. In our example, we've chosen to send a customized voice message for calls that were successfully answered by a representative vs. those that either weren't answered at all or were busy. We also made sure to alert a team member when a forwarded call fails via a Send Somebody Else a Message action

After the forwarded call has ended, the contact will immediately move forward in the flow on original call with your voice number.

Be sure to learn more about building your IVR flows here.

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Updated on: 14/12/2021

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