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Viewing the Flow Start Log

Viewing your Flow Start Log is helpful in understanding your account's activity. You'll see a list of all the flows that have been started, the account login that started them, and more. To view the log, first navigate to the Flows tab.

Find the "Flow Start Log" button on the lefthand side:

Here, you'll see the list of flows started.

Here's a breakdown of the first log as seen above:

The name of the flow, the account login that started it, and the contacts who were placed in the flow. In the example above, all contacts were started, meaning both contacts who had and had not previously entered the flow and those active in other flows. Be sure to review our start flow sending options article to understand how contacts are started in a flow!

The exact contacts or groups who were started.

The date the flow was started.

How many runs the flow completed. Note that passage through a flow from entrance to exit - and all activity that takes place in between - constitutes a run.

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Updated on: 14/06/2023

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