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Viewing Results

Viewing Results

When your contacts interact with a flow, their responses are stored as flow results which you can access by selecting "Results" from the ☰ menu icon in the flow editor:

The results page will provide a 'Download' button in addition to an 'Overview', 'Analytics', and 'Runs' tab.

Overview Tab

In the 'Overview' tab, you'll see the number of responses in total that your flow has received, the completion rate of all runs, day of the week & time of day that messages were received. 

Analytics Tab

Within this tab, we break down the responses to your messages. In the example below, we see results for 'name', 'age', and 'gender' questions sent in the flow. 

Runs Tab

Here you will see a list of each contact that has interacted with the flow and the number of runs they've made. Passage through a flow from entrance to exit - and all activity that takes place in between - constitutes a run. Contacts exit a flow when:

they complete the flow,

start another flow via the Start another flow action, or

expire from the flow after the period of inactivity you designate.

Deleting Runs

You can search for and delete runs via the flow results page; simply hover over the run and click the trash icon at the bottom.

Click here to see how to export your flow results.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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