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Using WhatsApp

You can integrate a WhatsApp channel to TextIt with a provider such as Twilio and 360Dialogue.

Using Message Templates

WhatsApp providers require templates in order to send messages outside of the 24-hour communication window. For that to work, TextIt syncs those templates so you can configure them in your flow. You must get your templates approved by your provider in order to use them.

Twilio Message Templates

Twilio's implementation for WhatsApp is different than other providers. They do not allow for specification or syncing of templates. Instead, they try to match the messages dynamically. To use templates, you need to have your outbound message in TextIt match an approved template in your Twilio account rather than syncing/specifying it.

In your first outgoing flow message, use the text of an approved template word for word. It is important that your message match the text of your template as closely as possible, otherwise your messages will fail to send outside of the 24-hr window.

Buttons with WhatsApp Templates

You can already send a message with interactive buttons, also called Quick Replies. Now, we've added this feature to WhatsApp templates. Whether it's directing users to specific actions or gathering feedback easily, these buttons add another dimension to your communication strategy.

Take note that buttons have a maximum character limit of 20.


Add a professional touch by framing your attachments with personalized headers and footers with quick replies, ensuring clarity in every interaction.

The header is where you can attach documents, images, or videos.

The body is where you can send the content of your message (1024 characters). The body can also include variables you've already saved for your contacts, such as their name.

The footer supports 60 characters and Quick Replies are shown underneath it.

Sending Stickers and GIFs

To send stickers via the API, the file type should be image/webp and the size must be less than 512x512 and less than 100KB for static or 500KB for animated stickers.

GIF images are not a media format supported for WhatsApp API.

Here is a list of all supported media formats for WhatsApp.

Template Languages

If you are using WhatsApp templates, you'll need to make sure to create those templates with the correct languages so that they map correctly to the languages in your account. See more information here.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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