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Exporting Messages

Messages can be exported to a spreadsheet document for review outside the platform.

To export incoming and outgoing messages:

Click the Messages tab.

Click on the menu icon ☰ at the right hand side.

Click the Download box from the drop-down.

From the first drop-down, you can choose to download messages from all message folders ( Inbox, flows, sent, etc) by selecting All messages. Selecting Just in this folder, will download all messages in the folder you clicked download from, if you are in 'Flows' folder for example, only messages received through a flow will be downloaded.

Optional; (1) Select the messages from all folders, or just that folder you are in that you'd like to export, then (2) Choose a start and (3) end date to establish a time frame in which the messages will have been sent or received. (4) and (5) Optional; choose a field/group you want included in the download.

You'll receive the file in your Notifications at the bottom left of your workspace containing a download link. Simply click to complete the download to your browser. The exported file will contain the date, contact UUID, name, URN type & value, Flow, message direct, text, attachments, status, channel, and label (if applicable).

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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