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Using Facebook Opt-ins to Broadcast Messages

Facebook requires all messages sent to a contact 24 hours after their last message to be associated with an Opt-In. Start by requesting contacts to Opt-in to the topic. When they decide to Opt-in, you can send them messages using that Opt-in any time. They also receive a link they can use should they decide to Opt-out of that topic.

Adding Facebook Opt-in to scheduled messages

There are three steps to scheduling a message:

Choose a contact or group you want to send to.
Choose a language in which the message will be sent and add your message.

Under the text message box, you will see a Facebook icon.

Click on it and a drop-down box will appear. Select which Opt-in you will be using.

Schedule what time you want the message to send.

That's it, your message will send to all contacts who Opted-in to that topic regardless of the time of their last message.

Need to add Quick Reply buttons to your Broadcast message? No problem- head over to our article on adding Quick Replies to your message.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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