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Creating a Keyword Trigger that starts a Flow

A keyword is the first word in a message and can be used to initiate a flow. For example, you can set a trigger using the keyword "JOIN" to start a flow that registers contacts for your service.

To create a new keyword trigger:

Navigate to the Triggers tab, then click the "New Trigger" box.

Click the "Create message keyword that launches a Flow" option.

Enter your keyword(s), then select the flow you want it to trigger. You can add multiple keywords, including misspellings, to a single trigger.

Choose when to trigger. These options allow you to select whether you want to start the flow when the message starts with the keyword or contains only the keyword.

The flow to start.

Optional: The channel this trigger will operate on. If you choose none, then any channel you have added to your workspace will allow the keyword to start the flow.

Optional: You can choose the group(s) to which your keyword trigger will apply. You can both include and/or exclude. If you leave this field empty, your keyword trigger will apply to anyone who sends it.

Click the "New Trigger" box.

The following example shows how to set up a trigger that will start the 'Coupon Group' flow when members of the 'New Registrations' group (but who are not members of the 'Completed Registration' group!) send a message starting with the keywords promo, promotion, or the misspelling prmo if messaging us via the LeahNyaruka Telegram channel integrated into the workspace.

Once created, that trigger will appear in our list of active triggers:

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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