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Starting a Flow after Receiving a Call

If you've got IVR flows set up, you can use this trigger to start an IVR flow when you receive incoming calls from your contacts. 

Here's how to set up this trigger: 

Navigate to the Triggers tab.

Click on "New Trigger" and scroll down to the section called Start a flow after receiving a call.

Fill out the fields to create your trigger.

A. Select to either answer the call and start a voice flow, or to hangup and start a messaging flow.

B. Choose the IVR/phone call flow you'd like to start.

C. Optionally, choose the channel you'd like this trigger to operate on. If you have multiple voice-enabled phone numbers, this will allow you to choose only one.

D. Finally, you can opt to include or exclude certain groups from being acted upon by the trigger. This is not a required step.

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Updated on: 24/10/2023

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