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Using Quick Replies from Broadcasts

Looking to send specific response options to your contacts? Quick replies is a feature that enables you to provide contacts on IP messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram with a predefined set of responses. These will appear as buttons on the contact's end.

You can use Quick Replies within a flow by adding them to a Send Message node and adding the response options there. But what if you need to send a one-off message or schedule a message for the future? You can do that with Broadcasts.

Broadcasts allow you to add Quick Replies and attachments as well. To use Quick Replies, follow these steps:

Go to the Messages tab and click on 'Broadcasts' in the list to the left of the browser.

Create your Broadcast message by clicking the 'New Broadcast' button at the top right. First, select the recipients of your message.

After clicking 'Next', you'll select a language and compose your message. Click on the Quick Replies tab to set up your buttons.

Add your Quick Replies.

Click 'Next' and schedule your Broadcast. You can opt to send immediately or in the future and whether you'd like to repeat the message.

That's it! Your Broadcast will now send with Quick Reply buttons. You'll see this message on the Broadcasts page.

Need to send a Broadcast via a Facebook channel outside of the 24-hour communication window? Do that with your Facebook opt-ins!

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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