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Starting a Flow

A flow can be started in one of many ways:

You can manually start a flow at any time via the "Start Flow" box in the flow editor. Keep reading below to learn more!

A flow can be started by a campaign event.

A flow can be started by a number of triggers:

- when a contact sends a keyword trigger.

- on a future date or on a schedule.

- after missing a call.

- after receiving a call.

- after receiving a message that doesn't match any keywords.

- when a contact initiates a conversation.

- after a ticket is closed.

Starting a Flow Manually

To manually start a contact or group in a flow through the flow editor:

Navigate to the "Flows" tab and click the flow you want to start.

Click on the "Start Flow" button in the top right portion of the flow editor.

Enter the contacts or groups you want to start in the flow or search for contacts based on contact field. The search query you enter will operate on all contact fields present in your account. Note that fields and values are not case sensitive within a query. See more here about how to write your query operators and statements.

Flow Start Options

What are the checkboxes in the Flow Start dialogue? These are options that allow you to skip certain contacts when starting your flow.

Skip inactive contacts. Checking this box means the flow start will only include contacts who have sent a message in the last 90 days.

Skip contacts currently in a flow. To avoid interrupting a contact who is already in a flow, be sure to check this box. Remember that contacts can only be active in one Messaging flow at a time. Need to start a flow without interrupting any contacts from another flow? Check out Background flows!

Skip repeat contacts. By checking this box, you'll avoid restarting a contact who has been in this flow in the last 90 days.

Notice that once you've selected the contacts or groups to start in your flow and checked any of the flow start options you desire, you'll see a precise contact counter at the bottom of the dialogue box. This is the number of contacts who'll be started in the flow. Clicking on the count will take you to a search results page to preview the contacts who will get started in the flow.

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Updated on: 13/07/2022

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